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What Alison Lucien wore on her Citibike New York City

Alison Lucien is the owner of Eleanor’s, a bike shop with fashionable cycling accessories for women that we respect greatly in Brooklyn NYC.

Naturally Alison is super-stylish on her bike and here’s an example of what she wears on her commute via New York City’s bikeshare system CitiBike

Help Eleanor’s spread the fashionable word by sharing your own personal bike style on Instagram and Twitter and hash tagging #whatiworeonmybike.

Get fed, watered and pumped at Rail Trail Cafe, Porepunkah


Little Miss CycleStyle and I recently went on a leisurely 6km bike ride from Bright to Porepunkah on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail in North East Victoria (she actually got towed like a princess in a carriage) as part of North East Victoria’s inaugural Cycle Salute festival.

The Bright to Porepunkah segment of the rail trail is particularly popular any time of year though, as it’s a well-marked and sealed off-road trail that’s pretty much all flat and very pretty.

Rail Trail Cafe, 2 Service St, Porepunkah

Enroute you’ll find the Rail Trail Cafe, a licensed cafe which, as its name suggests, is situated right on the rail trail so you can’t miss it. It’s one of the few cafes in tiny Porepunkah.

Rail Trail Cafe, 2 Service St, Porepunkah

The food is fairly standard cafe fare – they serve all day breakfast, toasted sandwiches, cheeseburgers, burritos and quesadillas and home-made cakes and scones. 

Being a cycling cafe of course they have lots of bike racks and pumps for those who have arrived by bike! They also have other excellent facilities for families – numerous high chairs, a change table in the toilet, plenty of room for kids to run around and best of all, a large sandpit with lots of toys as well as a padded playpen under the trees. 

Rail Trail Cafe, 2 Service St, Porepunkah

This Sunday 27 October Rail Trail Cafe are hosting Roll Up! Dress Up! Ride Up! as part of Cycle Salute. Every child who comes in costume or with a decorated bike receives a free babycino :)

Rail Trail Cafe, 2 Service St, Porepunkah

Rail Trail Cafe, 2 Service St, Porepunkah 0428 359 884

8am-4:30pm Thursday-Sunday and EVERYDAY on SCHOOL/PUBLIC HOLIDAYS exc. Christmas Day (Closed July 15 -> Sep 20 2013). Also open every day during Bright Spring Festival and Cycle Salute 18 October – 5 November

Yarra Rides2Work – Cool Clothes for a Cool Job

Day 5 of Yarra Rides2Work inspiration for Ride2Work Day.

We’re lucky that in the City of Yarra there are a lot of people that work in creative industries or hospitality, as it means we spot a lot of very stylish cyclists riding to work. 

We reckon this guy’s either a barista or a website designer. Either way, we love his bright yellow Stack Hat and matching yellow socks!




Yarra Rides2Work – Give Us a Wave!

Day 4 of Yarra Rides2Work inspiration for Ride2Work Day is a happy cyclist giving us a wave as he goes on his way to work. Clearly cycling to work is a much happier experience than sitting in a traffic jam or being squashed on public transport on your way to work.

Note he’s also wearing pants and a business shirt, which just goes to show it’s possible to dress professionally and still get to work by bike. 


Yarra Rides2Work – Chequered Helmet

Day 3 of Yarra Rides2Work inspiration for Ride2Work Day.

We like the upright posture of this elegant cyclist and his stylish functional cycling attire – a woolly scarf, hooded puffer jacket, skinny jeans and canvas sneakers. But mostly we like the chequered cover on his helmet!


Yarra Rides2Work – Suit up

Day 2 of Yarra Rides2Work inspiration for Ride2Work Day.

Don’t let professional attire be an excuse not to ride to work! This stylish man shows that you can look good and ride in a suit (though we’d probably recommend a stylish messenger bag or panniers than a reusable shopping bag for a professional look!)


Yarra Rides2Work – The Green Machine

National Ride 2 Work Day is next Wednesday 16 October and we are proud sponsors of the ride to work celebrations of our local council, the City of Yarra

To help celebrate Yarra Rides2Work and to inspire your ride to work, wherever you are, for the next week we will be posting images of people riding to work in the City of Yarra

First up, the Green Machine! Love how this lady has styled her outfit to match her green bike with her green flippy skating skirt and green leather boots.


Ride to Work wear

This photo from Californian bike blog Riding Pretty is the ultimate cycling to work outfit for us. Tonal top and skirt, a neat structured blazer, mid-height heel and of course a beautiful retro bike. 

The Incredible Farren Bicycles Collection, Melbourne


We first met Paul and Charlie Farren on a Melbourne Tweed Ride when they turned up with a coterie of gasp-inducing vintage steeds (and dressed in 19th century cycling garb and tweed as well). Paul told us that these beautiful bicycles were part of a private collection of over a hundred rare and unique vintage bicycles that he had spent over 30 years amassing with his wife. Most of the bikes were older than 1900 with the newest being about 1910.

We couldn’t believe that this sort of collection was housed in Melbourne and other than for rare outings for tweed rides and exhibitions it’s not generally open to the public.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 3 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

However, recently Paul and Charlie held an open day in their warehouse to celebrate the publication of their book, Bicycling through Time: The Farren Collection. The event was free and drew lots of bike aficionados and curious passersby who had no idea that one of the top 10 early bike collections in the world was housed in quiet residential Richmond.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 11 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

The Farren collection includes penny farthings of all sizes, bamboo bikes, curious tricycles, women’s sidesaddle bikes, tandems/three seaters and “sociables” that allowed riders to sit side by side.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 7 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 10 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 5 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

They are beautifully displayed with placards of information and even using vintage cast iron bike stands.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 2 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

The collection’s oldest bike is a 1819 Hobby Horse which definitely doesn’t look comfortable.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 13 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

This 1928 Malvern Star three person bike caught my eye. Having ridden a tandem before I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to get three people cycling on this contraption!

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 4 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

As well as bikes there is lots of vintage bike ephemera and equipment to gaze at – including old parts, equipment, posters, artwork and advertising material.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 12 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 6 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 8 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

Each bike comes with a story and that’s how the book came about. The bikes themselves provide an interesting insight into society of a particular time and place and the stories of their discovery and restoration are also fascinating. Interestingly, most of the Farren collection have been purchased in Australia, from auctions to discoveries in rubbish dumps.

We’re so lucky to have a collection of this variety and importance right here in Melbourne. While you won’t be able to see the collection all the time you can now appreciate and enjoy these beauties through Bicycling through Time: The Farren Collection.

Cool Cycling Shoes by Tracey Neuls for Toyko Bike


London-based shoemaker Tracey Neuls have collaborated with Tokyo Bike to celebrate London Fashion Week and London Design Festival.

Many lady cyclists told Tracey that some of the bike shoes on the market weren’t very aesthetically pleasing and so they’ve been taking advantage of Tracey Neuls‘ rubber sole styles to ride around town. 


Now Tracey Neuls has produced two designs that are the perfect shape for cycling and have a grey cat’s eye reflective ribbon on the back to keep you safe. The styles have an integrated rubber sole – there’s 1.5 cm of really hard rubber at the base so it’ll take a LOT of wear. The pedal sits right into the heel shape and doesn’t slip.


tracey neuls 02

The Tokyo Bike collaboration shoes include the GEEKS (pictured above on the bike) in brown or black leather with reflective cat’s eye ribbon, at £165 and FERN (no image yet) a heeled lace up boot in grey leather with black rubber sole and cat’s eye ribbon at £250. 

Wooden Crate for the Back

How do you tote around your gear on your bike?

We like this guy’s style – a vintage wooden crate bolted onto the back rack of the bike. He’s even attached a tail light on it!


How many cars did you pass today?

The Bicycle Channel filmed one cyclist’s commute from Essendon to the Melbourne CBD. 

He added up the cars he overtook and subtracted the ones passing him – and in total beat 589 vehicles into the city! Think how much better it would be for all commuters, drivers especially, if there were more bikes around.

How many cars did YOU pass today? 

Winter cycle chic with a hooded parka

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t get warm and cosy on your bike. Just rug up in a hooded parka, faux fur lining and pom poms optional and ride with a big smile on your face!




 via Valencia Cycle Chic

Getting ready to ride to work…Johnston St, Fitzroy

I snapped Kate just was she was getting ready to ride to work. I liked the small details of her cycle chic look – the blue step-through has matching fenders and even a blue bungee cord wrapping up her white back basket. Her easy breezy outfit is perfect for cycling – layers on top, a flippy skirt and winter tights tucked into boots with a sturdy heel.


And then she smiled at me…Cycling Style on Johnston St, Fitzroy


I loved everything about this cute, sparky outfit by this chic lady cyclist in Fitzroy, from the unusual helmet to sparkly backpack to the jellybean blue shoes.


Then as I was snapping her photo at the lights, she turned and smiled at me – and the picture was even better!


Op Shop Coffee Ride for CycloFemme – Sunday 12 May


Every year around the world female cyclists get together to celebrate CycloFemmeCycloFemme is a worldwide socially-driven-grass-roots celebration of women on bikes. Their mission is to create a unified voice for women in cycling, encouraging and empowering more riders.

To celebrate CycloFemme in Melbourne The Squeaky Wheel will be gathering for a leisure Sunday ride, bringing together some of the best things in this world: Bikes, Op Shopping and Coffee! …maybe even cakes…

The Op Shop Coffee Ride route will be along the inner north bike paths, visiting a few op shops and stopping at bicycle-friendly cafés along the way.

Riders of all capabilities, age and gender are welcome – the ride will be at a pleasure pace and taking in no more than 10km! 

BYO: working bicycle, drink bottle, helmet and something to hold your op shop purchases

More info here and RSVP to

St Ali Signature Coffee Prizes for best dressed rider, sweetest lady-like bike and the ultimate bargain find!

Details: Op Shop Coffee Ride

Meet: Sunday 12th May, 10am at Auction Rooms, 103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne

Stop 2: Community First Op Shop (Queensberry St, North Melbourne)

Stop 3: Hunter Gatherer (Brunswick St, Fitzroy)

Stop 4: Clothing Exchange (Rathdowne St, Carlton)

Stop 5: Salvos and Second Hand Laneway (Nicholson St, Carlton North)

Finish: around 2pm at St Ali North, 815 Nicholson St, Carlton North


Check out other CycloFemme rides in your city here

Check us out at the Finders Keepers Market


The Finders Keepers Market are back in Melbourne on Friday 5 April and Saturday 6 April in the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton.

We’ll be there with our stylish bike gear along with lots of other awesome designers from Melbourne and around Australia. Make a day of it – enjoy live music and delicious food and drink while browsing the stalls. Gold coin donation on entry.

The Finders Keepers Market
Friday 5 April 6pm – 10pm
Saturday 6 April 10am – 5pm
Royal Exhibition Building 9 Nicholson Street, Carlton

Designer cycling style in Tokyo


You can wear designer clothes and go shopping for designer gear while looking effortlessly chic on a bike. Love this photo from Tokyo by by Jack Jurczy?skiego


Love in Soho

Engagement photo session with the couple taking to their bikes in Soho, New York. By KT Merry Photography 

Veggie Velo – Vegetarian food by cargo bike in Adelaide



Veggie Velo is a business selling vegetarian food by 3 wheeled cargo bike around the streets of Adelaide. 


Veggie Velo is powered by a Frenchman by the name of Manu who has worked in many of Adelaide’s vegetarian restaurants and cafés. Manu loves bikes and food so much that he thought of combining both passions and now provides  high quality, healthy vegetarian food in all corners of the city. 


His menu looks just delicious and if you arrive by bike you even receive 10% off!