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First Aid for Bikes – from a Vending Machine

I have to confess – I have no idea how to fix a flat tyre. Or even how to pump up my tyres. I basically suck at Bike First Aid.

So I was quite excited to hear about this great idea from Auckland Cycle Chic. Auckland bike shop Bike Central has starting rolling out BikeAid – a vending machine that dispenses bicycle repair equipment such as puncture repair kits, inner tubes, brake pads, lights, CO2 canisters, pumps and allen keys.

Of course I’d still have to learn how to repair a puncture, use a pump or an alley key. But I think the cycle gloves will come in handy for unexpectedly cold nights, the bike lights will be good when yours get nicked and you need to get home and who hasn’t forgotten their bike lock before?

Please please please, someone start doing this in Australia.

DOYOUVelo? Oui, bien sur!

We have been dusting off our schoolgirl French and lusting after DOYOUVelo’s trench coats.

This French company mainly produces high-end (we’re talking up to around $350) trench-style raincoats for men and women made from waterproof, breathable, and reflective fabric. Each coat has extra pull-out armband reflectors and a roomy hood which might even fit over your helmet.

DOYOUVelo’s range also includes rain hats and messenger bags.

DOYOUVelo is currently available only in Paris and Lyon and through the DOYOUVelo’s French language store.

But us a ticket to France! Je parle francais un petit peu…

PS DOYOUVelo are also developing a light and compact helmet in a ‘honeycomb’ design. Thanks to our friend @howard61 for pointing us to this tres interessant post.

Horns anyone?

Wow if you got these handlebars installed on your bike you’d certainly turn some heads.

via Design Kug

Take photos while you ride

We are always on the hunt for stylish cyclists but often miss the opportunity to take their photo as they zoom past while we fumble around getting our camera out.

We may have found the solution now – the Electra Camera Mount from Electra Bicycle Company. Basically, it attaches to your handlebars and allows you to take photos and shoot video while cycling. Here’s a Facebook video testing out the mount on a rugged mountain trail.

It fits any standard handlebar and costs only US$39.95. We’re putting one in our virtual shopping cart now.

I (Heart) My Bike

I dropped my bike a little too roughly yesterday and now I have no bike bell.

Never mind. I think I might replace it with this bell instead. A declaration of love, loud and clear.

I’ve now tracked them down and a shipment will be arriving very soon at CycleStyle HQ!

Ingenious Guitar Bag

Over at Portland, Oregon-based North St Bags, owner/designer Curtis has just finished up making a padded guitar bag – with handy beer pockets.

Curtis is currently taking custom orders for the perfect gift for the muso in your life – just email him at Not sure whether he’s shipping to Australia, but always worth asking!

via North St Bags’ Facebook page

E.T. phone home

via: DoubleOhTwo

Do you remember the scene in E.T. where Elliot is trying to take E.T. to the forest so that he can call home?  And E.T. is snuggly wrapped up in Elliot’s bike basket, and then… E.T. makes Elliot’s bike fly?!  And we see the silhouette of Elliot and E.T. fly across the front of the moon?

We’ve  always dreamed of riding a flying bike.  Do you think that maybe E.T. came back to visit earth and helped to style this awesome photo shoot for Freitag?

We bet that there’ s a mobile phone in that Freitag messenger bag and so E.T would have no problem calling home.

Worldwide bike registration with

Did you know that your local police station will engrave a bike identification number for you for free?

The issue is that this is only effective on a local level for tracing lost or stolen bikes. Now there’s MyBikeNumber, a free online service that lets you register your bicycle and components, or search for them worldwide. It has three major benefits:

1. As a bike-owner, you can register your bike on the site using the frame number and add photos to the profile page to help visually identify you bike. Registered bikes are allocated a unique QR code (mobile readable code) which can be printed as a sticker for the frame.

2. As a bike retailer, you can register your entire inventory under a single “dealer code”. Registered cycles can be reported as stolen or lost, or recorded as sold to a new owner, through the site.

3. As a prospective bike purchaser, you can visit the site and check the unique identifiers to ensure that the bicycle you want to buy is not stolen. If it is, a message can be sent securely through the site to inform the rightful owner.

We think MyBikeNumber is pretty innovative and if we ever start selling bikes we’ll be right in there. In the meantime, we’ve registered our (rather battered) bikes on the site.

Saving up for the Pram Bike

I’ve never owned a car and I would be quite happy never to own a car.

However, many people have told me that it’s simply not practicable not to have a car when you have children. Well, that may be so, but I’m saving my money to buy a Zigo anyway. I’m dubbing it the Pram Bike.

The Zigo® Leader™ is a functional multi-gear city bike which attaches a ChildPod® at the front. So you can see your kids in front of you instead of twisting around to watch a trailer or child seat. Once uncoupled, the ChildPod® becomes a stroller or jogger. For the times where I must use a car, the ChildPod® folds up flat to fit in the boot of an economy size car.

The Zigo® Leader™ with ChildPod® retails for $2495 for the 3 speed bike and pod and $2595 for the 7 speed bike and pod. You can also buy the bike and pods separately, and there are other accessories such as a jogger kit ($99.95), rear rack ($9.95), rain cover ($9.95) and traditional back trailer kit ($99.95).

Update: I’m pregnant and the baby is due in February 2011! Which means that the search for the perfect Pram Bike is becoming a serious quest now – so I would really appreciate your suggestions and experiences.

Would you blare your music whilst cycling?

We’re not sure whether these bicycle iPod speakers are a good idea or not.

It’s bad enough getting an earful of gangsta rap as you squeeze your way past the souped-up Monaro. So we’re not sure how a cyclist (who, let’s face it, has to act as Bike PR every time they take a ride) would endear themselves to drivers if they decided to play their music out loud on the streets.

We do like the idea of being able to take your bike and your music to a party, the beach or the pool….so we’ll see.

From Urban Outfitters US