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We’re going to the woods today

Dress up and take your bike to the woods today and listen to the crunch of the autumn leaves.

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Nutcase Helmets Size Chart

How to Fit Your Helmet Correctly


Step 1: Measurement

Place a tape measure slightly above the ear and bring it across the mid forehead completely circling the head about 1 inch above the eyebrows.

Do this 2 or 3 times to double check that you have the largest measurement. If you do not have a tape measure, use string and then a rule to measure the string.

With your largest measurement compare it to the size charts below for Street, Snow and Water. See FAQs

Step 2: Wearing the helmet or trying on

If you’re in a store and you’ve determined your size in Step 1, try it on and adjust the straps. Now ensure the helmet sits level on the head and does not slide or move freely when you move your head side-to-side. If it moves, the helmet is too large. Change out the internal foam pads to a thicker set to provide a snug fit.

Test it side-to-side again and do the push test: When someone places a palm to your forehead they should not be able to push the helmet backwards off your head.

If changing to thicker pads still does not help, you may need to try one size smaller. Once again adjust straps and internal foam pads for fit and do the same test side-to-side roll and push test.

If you are buying online, follow Step 1 very carefully and make the correct strap and foam adjustments as soon as your helmet arrives.

Important: Do not allow a toddler or child to ride without making these strap and foam adjustments. For Little Nutty, ensure the Spin Dial adjustment is also made.

Step 3: Proper fit

The front of the helmet must sit above the brow and the back of the helmet must not touch the nape of your neck.
The chin strap should be snug but not too tight as to cause discomfort or choking.

Securely fasten the chin strap and try to roll the helmet off your head. If the skin on your forehead moves slightly, you have a good fit.

The side straps should be adjusted to form a clean triangle encompassing each ear area.
Read about helmet safety and safety standards here


Little Nutty & Street Size Chart (Gen2 and Classic) 

Read the LMNOP Sizing Article with photos

HappyRainyDays Size Chart

Trenchcoat size chart

Trenchcoat ladies
SizeS (36/38)M (38/40)L (40/42)
Bust coat102 cm108 cm114 cm
Waist coat90 cm96 cm102 cm
Under Bust coat114 cm120 cm126 cm
Sleeve length jacket75 cm77 cm79 cm
Length Jacket90 cm92 cm94 cm

How to measure

1) Bust: Measure 1 cms below the armpit, horizontally around the chest

2) Waist: Measure horizontally around the smallest part your waist

3) Hips: Measure horizontally around the widest part of your hip

4) Sleeve Length: Measure top of shoulder (where your neck stops), on top shoulder then vertically down to the upper joint of the thumb.

Tip 1: HappyRainyDays trenchcoats are worn like any other jacket ie over other clothes but not necessarily over another jacket. It is therefore advisable to measure your size wearing your everyday clothing.

Tip 2: You may have to choose between two sizes, for instance if you fit the sleeve of one size and the bust of another size. Always select the largest size then.

Outlier Size Chart

Mens Size Chart (in inches)

Lean cut, fits true to size. Buy the size you normally wear.

Pants Size30323436
Inseam86.5 cm/34 inches86.5 cm/34 inches86.5 cm/34 inches86.5 cm/34 inches
Front Rise25.5 cm/10 inches26 cm/10.25 inches28 cm/11 inches29 cm/11.5 inches
Back Rise35.5 cm/14 inches37.5 cm/14.75 inches39 cm/15.25 inches40.5 cm/16 inches
Upper thigh (circumference)54.5 cm/21.5 inches58.5 cm/23 inches62.5 cm/24.5 inches66 cm/26 inches
Leg opening (circumference)38 cm/15 inches39.5 cm/15.5 inches40.5 cm/16 inches42 cm/16.5 inches
Technical waistband82.5 cm/32.5 inches87.5 cm/34.5 inches92.5 cm/36.5 inches98 cm/38.5 inches

Womens Size Chart (in inches)

Skinny cut that fits true to size. Narrow with a straight leg. Designed to sit at the top of the hips, higher in the back and lower in the front for comfort while riding. 

Front Rise7.57.7588.258.599.259.5
Leg Opening1111.2511.511.751212.2512.513

Swrve Size Chart

Fits true to size.

   Small   MediumLarge
Your waist  65-69 cm/26-27 inches   70-74 cm/28-29 inches75-79 cm/30-31 inches
Your low waist  72-76 cm/29-30 inches   77-81 cm/31-32 inches82-86 cm/33-34 inches
Your hips  90-94 cm/36-37 inches   95-99 cm/38-39 inches      100-104cm
Inseam  46 cm/18 inches   47 cm/18.5 inches48 cm/19 inches
Womens size AU  Size 6-8   Size 8-10Size 12-14

Northside Wheelers

Fashion blog Business Chic captured Malachi, the owner of Northside Wheelers in Prahran, looking ever so stylish and chilled out with his bike in the window and tulips at the door.

Bicycle Wine Rack by Oopsmark

We’ve got just the thing for your bike this party season!

If you like wine and you like biking, you’re going to love our new Bicycle Wine Rack. The handmade leather bicycle wine rack is perfect for taking wine with you on the go. It easily attaches to any 1? bike frame with antique brass fasteners, while the hidden clamps hold the bottle securely. The olive oil-treated vegetable-tanned leather will only look better as it ages.

The Bicycle Wine Rack is in store now for $29. Something for the Christmas stocking, perhaps?

Here’s a great video showing off the Bicycle Wine Rack in its home town, Montreal.

Aussie Beach Bicycles

Summer in Australia is all about the beach. And now it can be all about bikes too.

Aussie Beach Bicycles sells mens, womens and kids beach cruisers in an array of bright colours that really pop, at around $500-$600 a bike.

Obviously you don’t have to restrict your riding to the beach! We’ve spotted these kind of bikes all around inner city Melbourne, with their riders cruising to cafes and galleries.

Lululemon Commuter Capsule Line

Lululemon is known for its yoga clothing and now it has expanded to a capsule collection made just for bike commuting.

We like the look of the See Me Ride Poncho.

We’re not sure whether the range is available in Australia but the items are available in US Lululemon stores for 3-4 weeks only.

If it’s successful, Lululemon is expecting to release a second Commuter Capsule with new bike clothing designs in March 2012.


Our favourite stylish cyclist and CycleStyle cover girl Marianne models her windswept cycling look on her blog Esme and the Laneway.

J’adore Comptoir des Cotonniers

One of my favourite clothing labels is the French high street chain Comptoir des Cotonniers. It’s so easy to capture the easy chic style of French women in their clothing and in fact one of my favourite jackets, a bright orange swing coat (seen here), was bought on sale in Paris.

Now I love them a little more because their Winter 2011 catalogue showed a couple of cycle chic images. Oh, tres chic!

Outlier Women’s Riding Pants review

Julia from State College Cycle Chic reviews her Outlier Daily Riding Pants and says:

Yes, they were very expensive (US$180) but let me tell you about how much and how often I use them.

  • I bike in them, obviously, and probably several days a week. They are made of some magical material that doesn’t ever seem to get dirty  and if they get dirt / food / snow salt on them, it brushes off. These are ideal features for any bike riding commute because on certain days, like in snowy slush or rain, you will inevitably get something on your pants if you aren’t wearing knee-high boots.
  • The pants are stretchy so they are comfortable to bike in, but they hold their shape, so they are flattering.
  • I wear the Outlier Women’s Riding Pants to my night job doing promotions when I have to dress up.  They look awesome, feel comfortable, and with heels on, no one knows I bike in them.

You can read the full review here.


Don’t pack your bike away just because it’s Autumn!

Here’s some lovely autumn-y bike inspiration for you – Autumn in London.

By Sergio Membrillas, via bisign

Sally Singer, New York Times Style Magazine Editor

Gasp! Who owns these gorgeous green shoes?

Sally Singer is the new editor of the New York Times’ influential T: The New York Times Style Magazine..

According to her recent interview in Papermag, she rides to work every day on her bike. In YSL or Balenciaga. Respect.

(Thanks to The Common Elite for the tipoff)

QLD Flood Appeal Auction

As many of you know, Queensland has recently suffered some the worse flooding in decades. People have lost their homes, their livelihoods and even their lives.

I spent the majority of my childhood in Brisbane and many of the areas that suffered the worse flooding were places that I grew up in – the local shops, the university, the places where I used to hang out. The areas of devastation are all too familiar.

As such, I’m asking for your support for the Nuffnang United Queensland Flood Appeal Auction. There are 30 items up for auction via eBay and one of the items is an item donated from CycleStyle’s range, the Bronze Quilted Double Panniers Bags. These lovely panniers (of which there are only two in Australia) were featured by Lady Melbourne on her eponymous fashion blog. Bids start at $50 and postage is free.

Please dig deep this Australia Day. 100% of all winning bids will be donated to our fellow Australians affected by the Queensland floods via the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.


Wow this looks like one cushy bike.

Epitaph is limited edition cruiser bike built by leather specialists Autum.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

We’re going to be on holidays from midday Friday 24 December and returning on Tuesday 4 January.

Gocco card from Etsy (

To all of our customers, fans, friends and readers, thank you for your support since we first opened our virtual doors seven month ago. We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year – and happy cycling! See you in 2011.

The Sunday Age

The Sunday Age featured us in an article about slow cycling.

Orco Cicli

Milan is one of the centres of world fashion so it’s natural that the city should be home to a very stylish bike company.

Orco Cicli bikes are only made to order and made to measure. Each bike is made by hand; the measurements, the colour, the accessories and components can all be changed.

We love the bright aquamarine of the Ariel and the Preta, with a frame similar to those made for priests who used to wear cossacks.

Bicycle Girls of Bali

Clearly not girls from Bali, Indonesia – but the girls of motorcycle/cycling company Deus Bali.

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