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Reflective Notabag

The Reflective Notabag is a smart combination of a bag and a backpack made from high visibility reflective material.

With a single pull on the straps, it transforms itself from a sleek eco-friendly reusable bag to an easy-to-carry backpack. Its versatility allows you to carry it in your hands as well as comfortably on your shoulders.

Inside of the bag, there is an attached pocket where you can keep your wallet or keys. When the bag is not in use, it folds into that pocket and becomes a hand-sized pouch.

Perfect for travel, a spontaneous stop at the grocery store and picking up things while on a bike, all the while helping the environment by reducing the need for plastic bags.

The Reflective Notabag adds extra safety on the street by making cyclists, pedestrians, skaters, or pretty much anyone carrying it visible at night.

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