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Ortre BI5 Bike Lock – Duo Pack

The BI5 (back in 5) locks are a pair of neat U-lock bike locks that fits conveniently in your bag or even your pockets.

When are you’re locking up your bike for a longer period, using two locks is definitely better than one. Lock your rear wheel and frame to a fixed object with the large lock and lock your front wheel to your frame or fixed object with the small lock. The robust yet pocket-sized  BI5 Bike Locks are not as bulky as a common U-lock, but more secure than a cable lock.

The Duo pack gives the convenience of having two locks (one large and one small) that use the same key, making locking your bike easier and leaving your keychain less cluttered. The locks’ sleek design and colour combinations will make your bicycle toolkit just a little bit more stylish!

Take them wherever your bike takes you.

Need a single lock? Look at the BI5 U-Lock Original or BI5 U-Lock Large.


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