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Sara Green Rain Poncho

Make your rainy days fun with a HappyRainyDays rain poncho from the Netherlands.

The cape is made from unlined coated nylon, which is waterproof and breathable. The seams have been taped to prevent water from seeping through.

When a rain shower surprises you, just pull on the poncho in a split second and close the two snap buttons under the arms to prevent the poncho from flapping in the wind. The buttons also create sleeves for a fashionable appearance.

The poncho also features a wide collar opening with zip and snap buttons to make it easy to pull the poncho on and off, two wrist bands to hold the poncho over your handlebars and keep your hands and knees dry and an adjustable hood.

The stylish poncho is  ideal for festivals, hiking, biking and all outdoor weather activities. One size fits most.

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$ 159.95