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Wheelie Good Day North Melbourne – Sunday 1 May 2016

Wheelie Good Day is a community gathering and street party in Melrose Street North Melbourne and it’s on this Sunday 1 May 11am-4pm.

The day is all about educating and training families to ride a bike plus a full with a program of workshops, tours and fun!

We’ll be there with the Book Swap Bike, a Christiania cargo bike filled with secondhand children’s books and a pop up reading lawn. Families are invited to either bring a book to swap, to borrow a book to read together or to participate in colouring-in and/or craft activities.

Other fun activities include:
  • Face painting & bike decorating for KIDS
  • Bike doctors and skills course for KIDS
  • Pimp your bike workshop for TEENS
  • Bike skills course & tours of the local area for ADULTS
  • Long kick and handball competitions with North Melbourne Football Club
  • Knitting, knotting and weaving with a POM POM workshop
  • Hip Hop Street Show by Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance students!
  • Bike Tuneups from GOOD CYCLES
  • Fix a Flat with PONY BIKES
  • Bike Engraving from VIC POLICE
  • Street Mural suggestion workshop
  • Delicious food & coffee from POCKET CAFE
  • ROLL UP Bicycle Valet Parking
  • $1 MAMMOTH ice cream, on a bike
  • BIKE n’ BLEND pedal powered Smoothies

See you there!


Wheelie Good Day

Sunday 1 May 2016 11am-4pm

Melrose Street, between Erskine and Canning Streets, North Melbourne

FREE event

Twin Six Yuletide T-Shirt

Twin Six from the USA design  and print a range of cotton cycling Tshirts just for the holiday season which are fun and functional. 

We like the look of the Yule Tide T shirt because we all love a bit of Christmas jumper action – very Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’ Diary!



Alphabike and Visual Compendium of Cycling Terms by Rebecca J Kaye

Illustrator and printmaker Rebecca J Kaye is inspired by cycling and the outdoors and she  has designed a set of colourful and fun lithograph print posters which display the alphabet with bike parts as well as a matching poster with a graphic representation of cycling terms. 


Something for the bike-mad person in your life or perhaps a nursery for a would-be cyclist?


£40 for the set from

The Incredible Farren Bicycles Collection, Melbourne


We first met Paul and Charlie Farren on a Melbourne Tweed Ride when they turned up with a coterie of gasp-inducing vintage steeds (and dressed in 19th century cycling garb and tweed as well). Paul told us that these beautiful bicycles were part of a private collection of over a hundred rare and unique vintage bicycles that he had spent over 30 years amassing with his wife. Most of the bikes were older than 1900 with the newest being about 1910.

We couldn’t believe that this sort of collection was housed in Melbourne and other than for rare outings for tweed rides and exhibitions it’s not generally open to the public.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 3 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

However, recently Paul and Charlie held an open day in their warehouse to celebrate the publication of their book, Bicycling through Time: The Farren Collection. The event was free and drew lots of bike aficionados and curious passersby who had no idea that one of the top 10 early bike collections in the world was housed in quiet residential Richmond.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 11 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

The Farren collection includes penny farthings of all sizes, bamboo bikes, curious tricycles, women’s sidesaddle bikes, tandems/three seaters and “sociables” that allowed riders to sit side by side.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 7 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 10 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 5 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

They are beautifully displayed with placards of information and even using vintage cast iron bike stands.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 2 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

The collection’s oldest bike is a 1819 Hobby Horse which definitely doesn’t look comfortable.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 13 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

This 1928 Malvern Star three person bike caught my eye. Having ridden a tandem before I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to get three people cycling on this contraption!

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 4 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

As well as bikes there is lots of vintage bike ephemera and equipment to gaze at – including old parts, equipment, posters, artwork and advertising material.

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 12 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 6 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

Farren Bicycles Collection 131 Brighton St Richmond 8 HOT: Farren Bicycles Collection, 131 Brighton St, Richmond

Each bike comes with a story and that’s how the book came about. The bikes themselves provide an interesting insight into society of a particular time and place and the stories of their discovery and restoration are also fascinating. Interestingly, most of the Farren collection have been purchased in Australia, from auctions to discoveries in rubbish dumps.

We’re so lucky to have a collection of this variety and importance right here in Melbourne. While you won’t be able to see the collection all the time you can now appreciate and enjoy these beauties through Bicycling through Time: The Farren Collection.

The Evolution of the Bicycle poster by Pop Chart Lab

pop chart bicycles

Pop Chart Lab of Brooklyn, NY have designed an ‘evolutionary family tree’ for bikes with over 75 intricately detailed illustrations of bicycles from 1780 to the present day. You’ll find high-wheel Victorian “boneshakers” to the racing bikes to mountain bikes and BMX. Each print is signed and numbered by the artists from a first printing of 500. You can buy yours here.

Monsieur Albert Rides to Glory by Peter Smith and Bob Graham


If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce kids to the Le Tour de France then check out Monsieur Albert Rides to Glory.

Monsieur Albert is 60 years old and loves cycling. One day he reads in his morning paper about a cycling race about to start in the centre of Paris and he decides to enter so he can win the prize. He rides the race in his tweed suit, a jaunty red scarf and panniers full of supplies while the other contestants come dressed in lycra on their racing bikes. But…guess who wins the race when they encounter a huge ball of snow up on the col?

photo (31)

The book contains funny whimsical illustrations by Sydney-based illustrator Bob Graham, jolly rhyming text by Bob’s cycling enthusiast brother-in-law Peter Smith and a winning story of the underdog overcoming the uppity champion of France.

The publisher recommends Monsieur Albert Rides to Glory for ages 6-8 but younger kids can still appreciate some aspects of the story and the lovely illustrations. You can even use the book to introduce some French vocabulary to them while they are young! 

Bicycle Wedding Shower

How sweet is this bike-themed bridal shower?

Happy Valentines Day!

Bicycle wedding

via Celebrations at home

Cycling Cartoons by Dave Walker

We are enjoying these cycling cartoons by UK cartoonist Dave Walker which we found on his website Cycling Cartoons.  Dave has been drawing cartoons professionally since 2005 and he enjoys all kinds of cycling – on the road, mountain biking, and  simply getting around town. We’re looking forward to seeing more of his work!


Bicycle (Leporello) by Ugo Gattoni

bicycle ugo

bicycle ugo

bicycle ugo

Bicycle (Leporello) by Ugo Gattoni is a short book/booklet inspired by the 2012 London Olympic Games. In the book artist Ugo Gattoni intricately illustrates a cycle race through the streets of London. From elite athletes to cycle couriers, commuters, bankers, delivery boys, mums with kids, youths on stolen mountain bikes to fashionistas and hipsters on fixed gear bikes – pretty soon you will realize this is no ordinary road race!

Four good reasons why you should ride to work

There are many reasons to ride to work. With Ride to Work Day coming up on Wednesday 17 October here’s a cool reminder of why bikes are the best way to get around.

A simple message by illustrator Peter Grundy.

Bicycle Art

Love the elegance of this bicycle poster by Anthony Neil Dart

Cycle Hangers

Imaginative use of old bike parts by Oliver Staiano, a design student of Nottingham Trent University’s Product Design.

You can check how they are made here.




Bicycle Valentine

This week up until Valentines Day next Tuesday 14 February we will be celebrating love and bikes on the blog.

It’s true love!

Ajiro Bamboo Velobike

Australian design student Alexander Vittouris has designed an all-bamboo velobike which also incorporates the natural growth process of bamboos in the design of a fully sustainable vehicle.

Vittouris uses the principals of arborsculpture, or ‘tree shaping’ techniques, whereby the shape of a tree or plant is controlled and instructed by leaf trimming, wiring and pruning, for example. In this case, Vittouris used an inner skeleton structure that the bamboo grows around.

The design was a finalist at the 2011 Australian Design Awards.

via Treehugger

The All-Wooden Bike

This wooden bike is quite amazing!

Jan Gunneweg works with wood to craft benches, desks and tables as well as wooden bicycles. His bikes are made out of solid walnut or birchwood and are made to order, as each labour of love takes between 160 and 200 hours to build.

via Sydney Concrete Playground

The Bike Valet

The Bike Valet by Reclamation Art & Furniture is a geometric wall-mounted bike rack intended for particularly tight urban spaces.

The perches are crafted by laser-cutting steel and bending it by hand and then powder coated for a durable long-lasting finish in a variety of colours. There are also two types of padding for customised decor coordination.


You can buy the Bike Valet on Etsy or support the increased production of The Bike Valet through Kickstarter.


Strength in Numbers

What are your New Year Resolutions for 2012?

Ours? To ride more and encourage others to start or continue riding.

Because we think our cities would be better places to live with some strength in numbers.

via 416 Cycle Style

Tangled Journeys – Sunday 28 August

Tangled Journeys is a day celebrating the art of decorating your ride with yarn. Whether it is practical pieces, like skirt guards, saddle covers, maybe even handlebar bags, to frivolous fun with tassles, pom poms and tube covers. It could even be items to wear!

There will be examples to see, a kick-start with a crochet expert setting people off on their first project, patterns, yarn and the Taco Truck.

Some of our lovely crafty products will be on display and on sale on the day, including our crochet skirt guards, snoods and trouser cuffs.

See you this Sunday from 10-4pm!

Harvest Workroom

512 Lygon St, East Brunswick


Re-collect upcycled bags

Re-Collect is a range of eco-friendly and sustainable accessories made in the UK by Katcha Bilek in her Bristol workshop.

All these materials are collected locally and everything is hand-made without the use of industrial machinery. The bags and purses are made of truck inner tubes. The straps on them are old car seatbelts. The belts are made of bike tyres.

We like her range of large bags, which are highly durable and will keep your precious items safe and dry whilst you cycle.

Kris Atomic, illustrator

Kris Atomic is a UK-based illustrator who’s work was recently featured on the fabulous for Anthology Magazine in the US.

You can check out her photographs, her illustrations and follow her blog as well as visiting her online shop selling prints and original paintings.