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Cool Cycling Shoes by Tracey Neuls for Toyko Bike


London-based shoemaker Tracey Neuls have collaborated with Tokyo Bike to celebrate London Fashion Week and London Design Festival.

Many lady cyclists told Tracey that some of the bike shoes on the market weren’t very aesthetically pleasing and so they’ve been taking advantage of Tracey Neuls‘ rubber sole styles to ride around town. 


Now Tracey Neuls has produced two designs that are the perfect shape for cycling and have a grey cat’s eye reflective ribbon on the back to keep you safe. The styles have an integrated rubber sole – there’s 1.5 cm of really hard rubber at the base so it’ll take a LOT of wear. The pedal sits right into the heel shape and doesn’t slip.


tracey neuls 02

The Tokyo Bike collaboration shoes include the GEEKS (pictured above on the bike) in brown or black leather with reflective cat’s eye ribbon, at £165 and FERN (no image yet) a heeled lace up boot in grey leather with black rubber sole and cat’s eye ribbon at £250. 

Florence Welch and her Bobbin Bicycle

Florence Welch from Florence and The Machine rides her machine of choice, a custom-made bike from Bobbin Bicycles.

Apparently Florence likes to ride her bicycle around London to get the creative juices flowing. “”It’s good for me, especially when I’m away on the road. I’m always on planes, in cars, in vans so it’s so nice having that. It also sets free your imagination.” Read more here.

Rocking a Red Suit

london cycle chic
A fantastic outfit of a cycling gentleman in London. Via Barcelona Cycle Chic

Faux fur and candy brights

Check out the eye-catching trans-seasonal ensemble – a belted trench with faux fur collar/capelet, bare legs, black studded wedges and one candy-bright bike!

via Vanessa Jackman

Spots and Stripes

Sometimes a clash of patterns really works for cycle chic.

via Vanessa Jackman

Boris Johnson rides to work

So it’s not the most flattering photo of the Mayor of London. But what we wanted to show was that even a powerful politican who’s often in the public eye thinks it’s a good idea to ride a bike to work (or anywhere). He also gave his name to the popular Barclays Cycle Hire scheme in London – better known as the Boris Bikes.

Red or Dead and Raleigh

British fashion label Red or Dead have collaborated with Raleigh UK to produce a classic Raleigh bike with iconic Red or Dead graphics on the frame and saddle.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of the fashion shoot in London.

Red or Dead Photoshoot 2011 from Joe Coales on Vimeo.

Winter Elegance

via Face Hunter

Brooks England deliciousness

We are big fans of the cycling products from Brooks England but we have chosen not to stock them because they are quite easy to find at most local bike shops and frankly a bit out of our price range.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t drool over their products – in particular, their latest release of bike bags named after two of our favourite leafy London suburbs – Islington and Hampstead.

Stylish disorientation – London cycle chic guide

Spanish jewellery designer Patricia Nicolas gives her cycle chic tour of London at Vogue Espana‘s blog ‘Stylish Disorientation‘.

She writes ‘The best route through the city, to go safely and away from the all traffic, is to go by the Regents Canal. It starts on the Thames, near Saint Catherine’s Dock, meanders through the city and ends in Manchester! Along the canal, do not miss the London 2012 Olympic city. Go a little further along Victoria Park and if you continue north you will pass by Camden Lock, Regent’s Park and you can even get to Notting Hill.’ (PS This is one of our favourite London cycle routes as well.)

Shorts  – Sisley

Socks – Gap

Blouse – Maje

Wool cardigan – Benny Room

Shoes – Juan Antonio López

Jewellery- Patricia Nicolás

Photos – Kirsty Stevens

Winter Cycling Tips

Image from

We hope that the first day of winter hasn’t discouraged you from cycling for the next three months.

Here are some winter cycling tips from Transport for London – they should know, winters in London aren’t exactly mild!

See where you’re going

  • As the nights draw in, it’s important to have good bike lights; white at the front and red at the rear

Be seen

  • Make sure you can be seen in the dark or in bad weather conditions
  • Wearing reflectors and high visibility clothing helps everyone to see you – including pedestrians! Check out CycleStyle’s stylish reflective gear – the Disco-bright legwarmers, Pageant Queen Reflective Sash, Jenny Cycling Cape and hoodies by Pedaler Clothing.

Don’t get wet

  • Investing in a good lightweight waterproof jacket with breathable fibres is always worthwhile. Have a look at Pedaler’s Unisex Microsuede Anorak.

Keep your grip

  • There are a wide range of gloves available, featuring breathable waterproof materials, padded palms, and non-slip brake and gear change fingers, so there’s no excuse for chapped, dry hands! We love Freehands Gloves which keep your hands warm while still enabling you to use your phone, camera or switch gears.

Cover your head

  • The claim that you lose up to 75 per cent of your body heat through your head alone may be a myth, but if you wear a thin ski hat or balaclava under your helmet you’ll be sure to keep your head and ears warm. Why not pop an Otto and Spike beanie under your helmet?

For more tips, click here.

Magnificent Revolution

Magnificent Revolution is a not-for-profit education project based in London.

The organisation has been running since the summer of 2007 when they first built a bicycle powered cinema at the Big Chill Festival. MR uses bicycle power generators as educational tools in schools, colleges and communities to help people understand their energy use, its links with power production and climate change.

One of their projects is Cycle-In Cinema. Magnificent Revolution build bike-powered cinemas, from the full Magnificent Cycle Cinema system which uses up to 8 bicycles / 16 legs to power 600W of audio visual equipment for public film screenings or projections to the Pop-up LED Cinema which just 2 bicycles. In 2011, they want to put together 3 free regular Cycle-In Cinemas all over London. A new 10-bike generator will be built as a resource to be lent out to small organisations, schools and charities.

For more information, click here.


Don’t pack your bike away just because it’s Autumn!

Here’s some lovely autumn-y bike inspiration for you – Autumn in London.

By Sergio Membrillas, via bisign

London Transport Museum Poster Competition

The London Transport Museum recently held a cycling illustration competition to show how cycling in London can be good for the environment, for people’s health and most importantly, is fun!

Here is the winner and the runners-up.

Plus our personal favourite.

The Art of Dressing

For some Spring Racing Carnival inspiration, check out Hackett of London‘s Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Featuring British blokes on bikes. Nice one, chaps.

How to Dress Well on a Bike

Wow, we never thought a government authority would consider an issue like how to dress well on a bike.

Transport for London has produced a video to help cyclists with their sartorial issues, as part of the campaign to promote the use of the Barclay Cycle Hire scheme.

CycleStyle world tour – London

Today my week of guest blogging at The Design Files lands us in the city of my heart, London.

Regular readers of the blog will know that I am a huge fan of cycling in London and it’s the place where I really found my feet (or wheels) as a commuter cyclist. I have many, many fond memories of taking my bike to visit grandiose buildings, tootling along the Thames and exploring the hidden nooks of the city.

To get you in the mood for some London cycle chic, here’s the video of The Bike Song by Mark Ronson which was used in the Transport for London cycle stories which I blogged about recently.

The music video features set-through bikes, bright vintage outfits, cute girls and the streets of London. Watch it and I dare you not to break out into a smile!

In London I chat with Guy Hills of Dashing Tweeds, one dapper gentleman who supplies us with the popular Disco-bright reflective legwarmers.

Bravo Transport for London – Cycle Stories videos

When I first decided to move to London from Melbourne, I was unsure about whether I’d feel comfortable cycling around such a large, sprawling city. I’d never even heard of people cycling in London, everyone just got around on the Tube.

Shipping over my bike was the best decision I made for my time overseas. I gained immense confidence as a commuter cyclist, I got to places quicker without the stress of public transport and I discovered new places which I otherwise would never have encountered. Owning a bike really opened up the city for me and gave me headspace not to become engulfed in the strains of living in a fast-paced city of 13 million people.

Transport for London is doing great work with encouraging cycling in London, and I think these videos of everyday people and celebs cycling the city highlight the joys and benefits of city cycling everywhere, not just in London.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Cycling in London? It’s the best, trust me.

I can exactly pinpoint the moment when I transformed from a casual city pootler to a full-blown urban cyclist.

I shipped my bike to London and used it as my main mode of transport for two years, day-in, day-out. Through sweaty summer tube strikes and frosty winter mornings. Using it to get to work, to gigs in Camden, art galleries at Southbank, the opera at Covent Garden and Portobello market. NEVER dressed in lycra (in fact, I rode to my birthday dinner in a tutu skirt one year).

My friends, family and colleagues were initially aghast. ‘Cycling in London? With all those mouthy black cabs and huge double-decker buses rearing up behind you? Don’t you feel unsafe?’

Well, the brief periods where I did feel a bit unsteady (my first encounter with Shepherds Bush roundabout and the Hammersmith Flyover) were completely outweighed by the joy and freedom I felt cycling around the city at my own pace. My favourite route was to travel at twilight from my home in Paddington, crossing Hyde Park, skimming past Buckingham Palace, waving to Big Ben and crossing the Thames bathed in the colours of the London Eye. Every time I rode on Westminster Bridge I would slow down, drink in the view and breathe a huge sigh of gratitude for having the opportunity to live in this vibrant city.

In fact, I still get a little homesick remembering it. And if my little anecdote doesn’t convince you why cycling is the best way to get around London, maybe this video from ibikelondon will.

Love London’s Cyclists from ibikelondon on Vimeo.

Warm up and dash out with Dashing Tweeds

I wasn’t old enough in the 80s to get into the Olivia Newton-John/Jane Fonda fitness trend.

Now’s my chance to finally break out some legwarmers. Specifically, a very cool pair stripey reflective legwarmers from London-based weavers, Dashing Tweeds.

Dashing Tweeds weave beautiful wool tweed fabric which is stocked at tailors Anderson &  Sheppard, Graham Browne and Connock & Lockie.What’s particularly special about their tweed, which is called Lumatwill, is that it is threaded with 3M luminescent thread and coated with Teflon, which means that it’s reflective at night and waterproof.  Check out some of the photos here.

While Australia’s relatively mild winters probably don’t justify a full three piece tweed wool suit, we do get cold enough, especially here in Melbourne, to need some sort of winter-wear on our bikes. That’s why CycleStyle is bringing you the Dashing Tweeds legwarmers, which are threaded through with the same 3M luminescent thread as the tweed.

Not only are these legwarmers tres chic and useful for keeping pants away from your bike chain, they are a good safety feature because anything that is strapped to your ankle, reflective and constantly moving will more readily attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians. We’ve tried them in front of car headlights, and wow they are super-bright!

The Dashing Tweeds legwarmers are selling exclusively in Australia at CycleStyle. Stock is limited as the company only does small product runs, so snap them up quick!