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Winter soup delivery by SoupCycle

It’s pretty chilly today and we have soup on our mind.

SoupCycle is a soup subscription service based in Portland, Oregon. They’re unique because they deliver your hot, steaming soup selection (along with rustic bread or a mixed green salad) via bike. The soups are made from organic, locally sourced ingredients – we particularly like the sound of Barbecue Split Pea and Brazilian Black Bean.

So, who’s going to start SoupCycle Australia and bring us some soup?

Vintage hued Portland Tweed Ride

The colouring of these photos from the Portland Tweed Ride are reminiscent of an elegant and romantic bygone era. Just lovely.

More photos from BikeRanger’s flickr gallery

Friendly Bike Guest House

We like businesses that actively promote themselves as being ‘bike friendly’. We particularly like businesses that promote themselves as ‘friendly, bike-friendly’ places – such as the Friendly Bike Guest House in Portland, Oregon.

According to BikePortland, owner Chris Frick turned his big house into a bike-oriented guest house in 2010 after he came upon the Oregon Manifest bike show and learned that United Bicycle Institute was moving in just across the street from his house.

It’s not just a guest house with bike-inspired art on the walls. Guests are able to access the secure indoor bike parking and a basement area with a mechanic stand and bike tools, as well as complimentary bike shipping boxes, packing materials and local bike and transit information.

We hope someone will do something similar in Australia soon!

Sustainable urban delivery

B-Line, a company based in Portland, Oregon, demonstrates the kind of loads that is possible to deliver on a bicycle (or in this case, tricycle). Their tricycles are faster, cleaner and cheaper than conventional trucks and the ubiquitous white van and still with over 55 cubic feet and 600-pound capacity.

Here’s a video from Franklin Jones, the founder of B-Line, and includes interviews with B-Line customers who explain why they choose to use bikes for local deliveries. Not to forget that being able to make more deliveries, faster, in groovy trucks which feature advertising, means better profits for B-Line.

Interbike Ready to Ride Fashion Show

America’s largest bicycle trade show, Interbike, was recently held in Las Vegas. As we were not able to make the longhaul flight, we’ve been poring over photos and reports from the show instead.

One of the events that we would have liked to attend was the Ready to Ride Bike Show. Thanks to BikePortland, here is a slide show of some of the outfits and accessories which were presented on the catwalk.

Ingenious Guitar Bag

Over at Portland, Oregon-based North St Bags, owner/designer Curtis has just finished up making a padded guitar bag – with handy beer pockets.

Curtis is currently taking custom orders for the perfect gift for the muso in your life – just email him at Not sure whether he’s shipping to Australia, but always worth asking!

via North St Bags’ Facebook page