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Aster- world’s safest commuter cycling backpack

Aster- world's safest commuter cycling backpack

Aster is a prototype design for a commuting backpack with integrated bike lights, turn signals and automatic brake indication and it’s seeking funding via Indiegogo now. We think it’s pretty amazing!

Aster- world's safest commuter cycling backpack

The designers of Aster claim that they’ve addressed 75% of the causes of bike accidents.

Aster‘s rear and profile lights make you visible to motorists from all sides, front lights signal your presence in rear-view mirrors and automatic brake lights help you avoid getting rear-ended. Integrated turn signals make sure that drivers around you know when you’re making a turn.

Aster- world's safest commuter cycling backpack

Control Aster’s light settings and more with their app (called the Lumos Aster app), available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can adjust your light settings to meet the regulations specific to your state or country. The app allows you to see the battery life remaining, both  in the 4000mAh USB-chargeable battery and the handlebar unit.

Using the Lumos app and the handlebar-unit, you can lock your bike in its place with one tap! If your cycle is moved for more than 5 seconds once locked, an alarm is triggered to attract attention.

Aster also has several commuter-specific compartments – a minimalist helmet holder, a whistle buckle, tuck-away U-lock holder loops, zippered bottle pockets, rain-cover and an ‘In Case of Emergency’ information slot in the event of a crash.

Aster- world's safest commuter cycling backpack

You can pack a 15.6 inch laptop with charger, change of clothes and shoes, smaller gadgets, books, bike-tools and spares, rain-jacket, a 1 litre water bottle and even your lunch!

Aster- world's safest commuter cycling backpack

Aster is also weather-resistant, with a waterproof TPU coated exterior and rain-resistant zippers that cause water to bead up and roll off the surface.

Aster’s Indiegogo campaign ends on 30 April so get in quick to support the production of this innovative product!

How do you carry a U-Lock?

How do you carry a U-Lock? For a device which provides so much peace of mind while securing your bike, it sure causes a lot of logistical problems the moment you’re back in the saddle.

1. Hanging It On The Handlebars

This balancing act has been performed by almost everyone, despite the resulting bruises, accidental brake obstruction, loud and obnoxious clattering, and slaps on the wrist dealt by our otherwise agreeable U-Locks.

2. Sticking It In Your Pants

Otherwise known as the “I don’t want to think about this” method, the lack of pre-planning often results in a rather awkward dance involving fishing in one’s pants.

3. Putting It In Your Pocket

If you are so lucky as to have pockets big enough to hold a U-Lock, you are probably a circus clown. In your case, the resulting awkwardness is a benefit!

4. Looping It In the Belt Loop

Let’s just say that we hope your belt is fastened tight because these locks can get rather heavy.


5. Holding It In the U-Lock Holster

Oopsmark, who make our Bicycle Wine Racks, have released a specialist U-lock holster which keeps your U-lock tucked away securely and simply behind your saddle. You don’t have to bend down or fumble to get to it, and it sure doesn’t hurt that it’s handmade using vegetable tanned leather.

There certainly are a lot of ways to carry a u-lock, but some are definitely more functional than others. Obviously we are biased towards #5 as Oopsmark have made a u-lock holder with simplicity in mind so that you’d be able to ride in style without all the clattering and clanking.  

Lucetta Magnetic bike lights

Lucetta is an innovative set of two small magnetic bicycle lights designed by Helsinki-based designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso and the Italian company Palomar

Easily attached to several different parts of a bicycle, the two small lights – white for the front, red for the rear – are switched on and off with just one click. 

The lights are designed to stay securely in place on even the bumpiest of roads and the lights give the option of a steady, slow or fast flashing beam. The range of the beam is wide enough to reach vehicles, even if the light is tilted down.

Once you reach your destination the lights are easily removed and may be linked together and slipped in your pocket.Lucetta is designed to take as little space as possible and to stay with other small personal things of everyday usage – keys, mobile phone, loose change – things that ‘inhabit’ our pockets.


Lucetta ~ Magnetic Bike Lights from pizzolorusso on Vimeo.

Bicycle art poster collaboration with Walnut Studiolo and Jim Golden Studio


Walnut Studiolo are the Portland-based handmade leather accessories workshop that make our fantastic 6 pack Bicycle Frame Cinch.

Twenty-four other Walnut Studiolo products are also handmade by Geoff Franklin in his workshop and sold to discerning bicycle enthusiasts around the world.

They’ve collaborated with Jim Golden Studio to celebrate over 4 years of making handmade leather gear, all in one big beautiful image. Yes, this really is one photograph of all the different products and tools used to make each product!

Want to see the story of how it was made? Click here for a slideshow of the making of this photograph.

Wooden Bicycle Handlebars by Deer Runner

Deer Runner is a London design company that produces wood and leather cycling accessories.

We particularly like their hand crafted, custom-made oak handlebars which have been treated for weather protection. They look stylish and comfortable to hold as well. 

Corrugated Cardboard Helmet

A helmet made out of cardboard, I know it sounds crazy, but supposedly it works. The designer behind this wonderful invention is Designer Anirudha Surabhi has invented a helmet made out of cardboard called the Kranium.

The Kranium is not only lighter but also stronger than traditional expanded polystyrene (EPS) models.

Using a material called Dual Density Honey Comb Board or D2, the liner of the helmet has been proven to absorb up three times the amount of impact of EPS helmets. Amazing!


Wooden Bike Fenders

REdesign Studio’s RE-cycle wooden bike fenders are practical as well as beautiful. 

The fenders are crafted in Seattle by alums of the University of Washington’s architecture department using reclaimed wood. REdesign say “why buy plastic when you can get the natural beauty of wood as well as a sustainable product with a simple aesthetic”. 

The fenders are available at Etsy

Wooden Bicycle Bell and Wooden Bike Light

Wooden bike accessories add some natural charm to your bike. 

Mr Lentz is a jeweller by profession who also produces wooden bicycle accessories to add a natural vintage feel to peoples rides. His range includes a wooden bicycle bell and wooden bike light.


All the accessories are handcrafted from pine and oak with a waterproof beeswax and citrus oil finish. His Etsy shop is currently closed but we’re looking forward to see what he has planned in February 2013. 


Bates Crates for your coffee, pastries and more

Bates Crates are made by hand in Michigan, by one guy, once a month. No two Bates Crates will ever look exactly the same. We think it’s perfect for enjoying summer picnic weather with your bike. 


Macpherson Crate Company

We love these wooden bike crates inspired by classic milk crates from Macpherson Crate Company. 

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Macpherson Crate Company makes  high quality and weather resistant teak crates using wood imported from a sustainable teak farm located on the island of Java in Indonesia.

Teak is well know for its durability and is most often used in outdoor furniture. It holds its shape in differing and extreme weather conditions.

Sadly we can’t import these lovely crates without a whole lot of hassle from Australian Customs and Quarantine, so we’ll just have to admire the pretty pictures. 


REEL transforms your bike frame into a storage compartment using silicon stickers and an elastic band.

Great idea, though it does make the bike look like it’s coming home bandaged up from bike hospital.

via Cielbleu

Ortre pumps and locks

Who knew that even essential bike tools could be so elegant and lovely?

These stylish pumps and locks from Australian company Otre will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Bike Six Pack Bag

Graduate from carrying one bottle of wine with our Bicycle Wine Rack to carrying a six pack of beer with the six pack bag for a bike.

via Swissmiss

Bike Mounted Bottle Opener

Other than your favourite bottle of wine we’ve now found the perfect partner for our Bicycle Wine Rack – the Road Popper, a bike mounted bottle opener! 

It is designed to fasten onto the rails of the saddle and to be discrete so that your bike stays sleek. It’s available in muted colours to match your bike. 

Christina Hamilton Bike Saddlery Collection

London College of Arts student Christina Hamilton chose to use Saddlery as the basis of her design and technical process for her MA final project, a collection of bags for the bike.  

Christina is a trained saddler and applied the techniques used in the saddlery and harness making for her bike bags. We think they’re just lovely.

More information at


Leather pannier

We love the luxurious look of this 3-way leather pannier from NYC based designer Kate Bryant under the label Pigeonco.

She also makes a cool tie-dyed denim and leather pannier in a range of colours.

Bookbike by BYografia

At CycleStyle HQ we have a storage problem.

Too many bikes. Too many books.

We need Bookbike by Italian design firm BYografia. One half of the unit is shelving, the other side holds your bike with adjustable hooks. Neat!

(via Hypebeast)

NYC Helmet

The NYC helmet was commission by the City of New York from San Francisco-based Yves Behar / fuseproject.

The helmet has two components – a protective polystyrene inner shell and a separate soft fabric outer cover with straps and velcro flaps for keeping the wind/snow/sun off your neck. Commando style riding!

via Designboom

MAMA Bike Rack

Designed by furniture designer Matt Eltonand graphic designer Matteo Baldarelli, the MAMA bike rack is simple yet functional.

It has two smooth hooks for you to hang your bike on, three holes where locks and cables can be looped through and secured and a small shelf for putting your wallet, keys, phone.

The MAMA bike rack is available for purchase from Matt Elton for 49.50 GBP.

The Bike Valet

The Bike Valet by Reclamation Art & Furniture is a geometric wall-mounted bike rack intended for particularly tight urban spaces.

The perches are crafted by laser-cutting steel and bending it by hand and then powder coated for a durable long-lasting finish in a variety of colours. There are also two types of padding for customised decor coordination.


You can buy the Bike Valet on Etsy or support the increased production of The Bike Valet through Kickstarter.