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Cleverhood x Tandem NYC Collaboration – The Cleverhood Sweatshirt Cape for Tandem

Cleverhood x Tandem NYC Collaboration - The Cleverhood Sweatshirt Cape for Tandem

Susan Mocarski, artist and fashion designer, put Cleverhood on the map with their distinctive American made outerwear capes.

She and Lani from Tandem NY met at the National Bike Summit’s “Forum on Women & Bicycling” and with their shared interest in fashion and biking, worked together to launch Tandem and Cleverhood’s Sweatshirt Cape.

Cleverhood x Tandem NYC Collaboration - The Cleverhood Sweatshirt Cape for Tandem

This is no ordinary “hoodie”…

Cleverhood x Tandem NYC Collaboration - The Cleverhood Sweatshirt Cape for Tandem

The Cleverhood Sweatshirt Cape for Tandem is designed in NYC and carefully crafted in nearby Fall River, MA. This fleece cape offers a freedom of movement plus an expression of style with plenty of room for layering underneath to adjust to the weather.  There’s a handy inside kangaroo pocket with a second smaller pocket for your mobile device.  The hood sports the signature Tandem coral-colored drawstring.  The fabric is thick and soft and it’s machine washable.

Cleverhood x Tandem NYC Collaboration - The Cleverhood Sweatshirt Cape for Tandem

Fall River, MA was the textile centre of the US and an industrial leader.  Since 1990, Fall River has lost nearly 70% of its manufacturing jobs. The Cleverhood Sweatshirt Cape for Tandem is crafted by skilled USA garment workers.

Cleverhood x Tandem NYC Collaboration - The Cleverhood Sweatshirt Cape for Tandem

At select retailers & at

Fund Iva Jean’s newest collection on Kickstarter

One of our exclusive brands Iva Jean are funding their newest collection through Kickstarter and need your support.
If Iva Jean are successful in meeting their goal of $50,000, they will be able to put our newest pieces into production. This includes two new pant styles, the City Legging and Trouser, as well as four new ultrafine merino wool tops, the Racer Tunic and Tank, Raglan Long and Short Sleeve.

We particularly like the look the Tunic, a modified racer back dress designed to work alone or layered in colder months. It has a generous cut for movement and zipped pockets for your cash, keys or phone. The Tunic is constructed using 100% ultrafine merino wool and feels so good on. This wool has a soft touch and natural performance qualities including odor resistance, temperature control, and water repellency.

Pair the tunic with the City Legging, which provides a slim silhouette perfect for layering or a tailored look. Constructed of a high performance, four-way stretch (and office appropriate) fabric, they’ve designed the legging to have a high waist, skinny leg, and side zipper for easy entrance.

You can get yours when you support Iva Jean on Kickstarter. Help Iva Jean bring this collection to life!

As many of you know, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows independent artists, designers, filmmakers and more to bring life to their project. There is a minimum donation of just $1 and rewards for funding of $25+.

Twin Six Yuletide T-Shirt

Twin Six from the USA design  and print a range of cotton cycling Tshirts just for the holiday season which are fun and functional. 

We like the look of the Yule Tide T shirt because we all love a bit of Christmas jumper action – very Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’ Diary!



Cool Cycling Shoes by Tracey Neuls for Toyko Bike


London-based shoemaker Tracey Neuls have collaborated with Tokyo Bike to celebrate London Fashion Week and London Design Festival.

Many lady cyclists told Tracey that some of the bike shoes on the market weren’t very aesthetically pleasing and so they’ve been taking advantage of Tracey Neuls‘ rubber sole styles to ride around town. 


Now Tracey Neuls has produced two designs that are the perfect shape for cycling and have a grey cat’s eye reflective ribbon on the back to keep you safe. The styles have an integrated rubber sole – there’s 1.5 cm of really hard rubber at the base so it’ll take a LOT of wear. The pedal sits right into the heel shape and doesn’t slip.


tracey neuls 02

The Tokyo Bike collaboration shoes include the GEEKS (pictured above on the bike) in brown or black leather with reflective cat’s eye ribbon, at £165 and FERN (no image yet) a heeled lace up boot in grey leather with black rubber sole and cat’s eye ribbon at £250. 

Bike Runway and Levis Commuter Line Preview

LEVI’S® launched their Commuter capsule range in the US last year and it’s coming to Australia in April.

To coincide with the Australian launch LEVI’S® have just released a short film featuring a dashing young man riding and showcasing the attributes of LEVI’S® cycling jeans, such as reinforced fabric for longer lasting jeans, odour reducing stretch fabric and a higher waistband at the back.

Folks in Melbourne can preview the collection at Bike Runway – part of Melbourne Bike Fest and the LMFF Cultural
Program. Bike Runway is on tonight at 1000£Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne.

Besides the LEVI’S® preview the event will showcase the best in Melbourne bike fashion, the city’s most stylish bikes, and give attendees the chance to flaunt their own bike style on the runway.

Melbourne Bike Festival Bike Runway
Thursday March 15, 6 – 9 pm
1000£Bend – 351 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne
For tickets head to

Oye Modern Bike Jewellery

Sydney designer Jeni Oye makes jewellery under the label Oye Modern and the range includes handmade one-of-a-kind cuffs made from recycled bike tyres.

Consider the cuffs as a badge of honour for the miles you’ve ridden.

Melbourne Cycle Chic Featured Fashion – A Name is a Label

Melbourne Cycle Chic has a Featured Fashion section where designers are invited to collaborate with the Melbourne Cycle Chic project and are set the challenge of creating pieces that work well on a bike, use sustainably sourced fabrics and of course look chic!

The most recent Featured Fashion collaboration is with A Name Is A Label. The concept behind the dresses is ‘stage wear for the streets’. The dresses use a combination of textiles, juxtaposing different textures, patterns and colours. All the fabrics are re-used, either because they were discarded or excess.

See the full fashion shoot on the at Melbourne Cycle Chic.Designer: A Name Is A Label

Fashion Photography: Jac Price

Bike: Quol’s Vintage Cycles

Location: Collingwood Children’s Farm

Stop Honking

Yes I know you’re behind me. Yes I know that you’re really anxious to get to the shops/work/home as soon as possible.

But hey the government decided to build a road which can only fit the width of a single car with no bike lane, so I’m gonna have to ride in front of you. And my little legs can’t keep up with the power of your engine.

So please, stop honking. Unless you’re just giving me a friendly hello tootle.

From My Orange Box

Korean Cycle Chic

We have a bit of a thing of Korean film stars. In fact, we once sat through a very long and boring mockumentary called The Actresses just because it featured five beautiful Korean actresses.

So we love the look book for Korean label Mind bridge, featuring Korean actors Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung. Yes to preppy slim-cut blazers and cropped chinos!

Even better, tere’s the stylish, smiling and sunny behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot.

Slick black leggings with slick black bikes

We came across these images via CURITIBA CYCLE CHIC, shot by Beat Eisele for Swiss fixed-bike manufacturer Chris Diamond.

Get out of your car and onto your bike (and look sexy doing it).

Check out more of Beat’s work on his site or via flickr.

How cute are these bike outfits?

Refinery29 has come up with a to-die-for list of cycle chic clothing, accessories and bike gear. We want the Billykirk frame bag (below) right now!

Scrunchies to the rescue!

Sometimes in the quest for style on a bike we come across a little problem. Our shoes slip off! This is particularly an issue with slip on sandals or ballet flats.

But we’re not going to change our footwear to sneakers. No – Riding Pretty has come up with an ingenious solution. Hair scrunchies! And they add colour to your ride too!

Harvest for men

We enjoyed our virtual visit to Munich store Harvest so much that we thought we must share it with you.

Harvest sells understated, classic, preppy yet undeniably cool clothing for men. Amongst its latest range is a great nautical style duffle bag (designed in conjunction with young Munich fashion label Akindofguise) perfect for slinging over your shoulder and heading to the beach on your bike.

We also love their sleek custom-made navy and white single-speed bike in collaboration with local bike shop Geheimrad.

Photos by Yorick Carroux and Julian Henzler via Harvest

Marc by Marc Jacobs

….is doing bicycle hats. These retro-styled hats are elasticised and have a short brim for keeping out the sun and drizzle.

Sadly in Australia our mandatory helmet wearing laws prevent us from legally wearing the checked country gentlemen version…but they’re nice to look at anyway.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bicycle Hat

Shout out to Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan

One of our favourite blog reads is Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan.  What you get are super colourful, super cute photos of Taiwanese girls having fun with their fixies. Here’s just a typical sample of the kind of photos brightening up our RSS feed:

PHOTO BY 大大 via Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan

Inner brilliance – Cordarounds Bike to Work pants

San Francisco company Cordarounds have come up with the perfect bike-to-boardroom (although probably more like coffee, a movie, a picnic) clothing option.

The Cordarounds Bike to Work pants are khakis with little hidden reflective parts – the insides of the pockets and pant cuffs.

Good for our dark, wintery nights now.

Bike to Work Pants from Cordarounds on Vimeo.

DOYOUVelo? Oui, bien sur!

We have been dusting off our schoolgirl French and lusting after DOYOUVelo’s trench coats.

This French company mainly produces high-end (we’re talking up to around $350) trench-style raincoats for men and women made from waterproof, breathable, and reflective fabric. Each coat has extra pull-out armband reflectors and a roomy hood which might even fit over your helmet.

DOYOUVelo’s range also includes rain hats and messenger bags.

DOYOUVelo is currently available only in Paris and Lyon and through the DOYOUVelo’s French language store.

But us a ticket to France! Je parle francais un petit peu…

PS DOYOUVelo are also developing a light and compact helmet in a ‘honeycomb’ design. Thanks to our friend @howard61 for pointing us to this tres interessant post.

We desperately want Outlier pants

SUPER EXCITING UPDATE 10 June 2010: CycleStyle will be Outlier’s first retailer in Australia. Our first lot of stock will be the Women’s Daily Riding Pant in Black.

Outlier is a New York-based company which caught our eye with their fabulous slim-fit cycling pants for men and women.

Their core product is the mens Outlier 4Season OG Pants (US$180). The fabric stretches and breathes, and is made of 80% nylon, 10% polyester and 10% spandex. The fabric’s coating includes nano-sized spears that help moisture roll right off.

They’ve also recently launched their women’s Daily Riding Pants (US$180), using the same stretchy, water-resistant and breathable fabric, and expanded the range to include merino Ts, hoodies, shirts and caps.

We’re desperate to stock the stylish Outlier pants here at CycleStyle – especially after blowing out the bottom of our jeans cycling around rural China! Unfortunately they are a very small company and only looking to sell from their own online store at this stage. We’re hoping all of you will clamour for them so that we can show the stats to the guys at Outlier and say ‘Hey look, there’s a big bunch of people who don’t live in New York and who would love to be able to get their hands on your pants!’

In the meantime, feel free to drool over the fashionable items and enlist your Stateside friends and family to grab a pair for you.

For more Outlier love, check out this review of Outlier’s Workwear Shorts and this video of Cycling in the City: Outlier Tailored Performance from

Cycling in the City: Outlier Tailored Performance from on Vimeo.

(All photographs from Outlier)

Cycle Bias – what a great idea

The City of Sydney is showing that its support for the city’s burgeoning cycling culture by launching Cycle Bias – free sewing workshops for bike lovers!

On Saturday 15 May, trendy cycling clothing label Spoke + Spool are running a free afternoon sewing workshop for bike lovers.

All you have to do is bring some old clothing or fabric and make your own cycling clothes. The Spoke + Spool team will give help you transform your old clothing into new, bike-friendly, functional pieces.

Sewing machines and equipment will be provided and all levels of sewing expertise are welcome. To book in to the workshop just email

We love the range from Spoke + Spool (in fact, we’ve tried to get in touch with them several times to no avail) and we’re sure you’ll come away with something wonderful. We only wish they’d run the workshops in Melbourne!

For more information about Cycle Bias click here.

When: Saturday 15th May, 2pm-5pm

Where: Frasers’ Studio

10-14 Kensington Street,


How Government does Fashion

When I tell people that I used to cycle to work in London for an hour every day (and sometimes cycling even further to get to a West End show after work), many people are really surprised.

But London isn’t really a cycling city, they say, what with those mouthy black cab drivers and big red double-decker buses that look like they could squash you in a second. And what about the wind and rain and cold?

Well, whether or not you have enough bike bravery to navigate four lanes of traffic at Shepherds Bush Green and can ride with numb fingers, Transport for London is certainly trying its best to turn London into a cycle friendly city. And so it’s been publicising a cycling clothing collection designed by Bspoke. Waterproof, windproof and breathable – it’s all there.

However, the range has received mixed reviews. The Guardian gives menswear a tick with ‘carefully designed and well made‘ while womenswear is described as ‘hideous and unflattering‘ (we also had a giggle at some of the comments about the female reviewer looking like a firewoman minus the helmet and the hatchet).

A shame really as we quite liked the look of the bspoke Angel women’s 3/4 cycling jacket. What do you think?