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Evolution of the Bicycle in just one minute

This one minute clip film illustrates the evolution of the bicycle from the first early contraptions to the modern machines on which our own bicycles are based.

Evolution of the Bicycle from Visual Artwork on Vimeo.

Riding in the Rain with RockiNoggins


Have you been caught in the rain riding your bike?

RockiNoggins bike helmet covers protect you from sun, wind and rain, not to mention turning your helmet into a stylish accessory.

Here’s a fun video showing off their weather resistant helmet covers which are all designed with your style and safety in mind. #ridinintherain

Bookman Sweden’s Grand Collection Lookbook Video

Bookman is a Stockholm based brand that makes accessories for bicycles and for the people on them.

Inspired by the bustling bike life of the European metropolis, the focus is the urban bicyclist, for whom style is as important as function.

We share a mission to inspire more people to take up biking and to make life in the saddle more enjoyable for everyone that does. Here’s a peek at their Grand Collection lookbook, which features the Bookman Lights and Clip-On Reflectors.

Grand Collection Lookbook from Bookman on Vimeo.

Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack – Made in Montreal video


The makers of our bestselling Bicycle Wine Rack was recently featured in a documentary series that focuses on makers in Montreal Canada and the neighbourhoods they come from.

The video gives a behind the scene look into the Oopsmark workshop where they make our bicycle wine racks! Plus all the music was made by Oopsmark‘s founder Jesse Herbert.

Wingman Backpack Garment Bag – Features video

The Wingman Backpack was designed to transport business suits, dresses, shirts, ipads and accessories with the convenience and comfort of a backpack.

Tandem NY Skirtweight – Video Review by Bike Stylish

The Tandem NY  Skirtweight is a nifty gadget for holding down your skirt (or blouse or bag) while you ride.

Here’s a short video review by Bike Stylish.

Handleband attaches any smartphone to any handlebar

The HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount allows you to securely attach most mobile phones to a handlebar, with or without a case, to be easily seen and conveniently accessible to use while riding, walking, or running.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use the HandleBand.

Georgia in Dublin Leggits video

See just some of the types of shoes the Georgia in Dublin Leggits can be worn over!

How to wear the Georgia in Dublin Rainwrap

Instructional video showing how to wear the Georgia in Dublin Rainwrap and use the garter and toggle.

The Interlock Video

Learn all about The InterLock bike lock in 55 seconds!

Behind the scenes at Lekker Bikes photoshoot


The newest LEKKER bike is the Jordaan and new stocks have arrived after the first shipment sold out quickly!


The Jordaan is the most fashionable part of Amsterdam and the LEKKER Jordaan is all about comfort and quality, with a superlight aluminium frame like nothing else you’ve seen Australia. It comes in a three beautiful colours – black, pale blue and mint-green. 


Have a look at the backstage movie they made at the photo-shoot where the bikes were matched up with food! 

Leather U-lock Holster Installation Video

Watch the installation video for the Leather U-Lock Holster.

Get an intimate look at Iva Jean

Iva Jean‘s fun and sexy video gives an intimate look at the features and feel of their collection, including the Daily Blouse and Reveal Skirt. 

Iva Jean‘s garments are constructed of high quality materials and produced in Seattle, Washington (USA) and we are proud to be the exclusive retailers of Iva Jean in Australia. 

The video was shot at Iva Jean‘s Pioneer Square studio in Seattle.

Take a closer look.

In Studio with Iva Jean from Iva Jean on Vimeo.

Video by Kent Colony, art direction by Ann DeOtte, model Ashley Chanel Robles, music by Quadron

The Story of Iva Jean

Follow Iva Jean founder and designer, Ann DeOtte, as she bikes Seattle and shares her experiences and vision for Iva Jean. The video also features designers and seamstresses, Katie Walag and Sewn Product Services’ Kristine Carlton and Jenny Mae Miller.

Where’d you get those shoes?

Platform heels are surprisingly great for cycling – their sturdy bases are good for gripping pedals and they make your legs look loooong.

So we love this promo video from Designer Shoe Warehouse. Where’d you get those shoes?

DSW – “Shoe Lover In The City 1” :30 from fernando ascani on Vimeo.

Emerald City Spin

Emerald City Spin is a short video featuring, you guessed it, Sydney bike riders which has shown in New York to London and Sydney Bike Film Festival.

A bunch of hot and cheeky ladies wake up, get dressed and bike through the streets of the Emerald City to the beach. “Summer daze, bikes and babes, riding round, wearing shades. Feel the breeze, catch a wave, looking hot, like grenades”.

EMERALD CITY SPIN from Kristy Lee on Vimeo.

Bicycle Wine Rack – Installation Video

The Bicycle Wine Rack was our best-seller at the Melbourne Design Market last Sunday. The leather and brass contraption drew many admiring glances and our market stock was sold out by lunch time (don’t worry, we have more available online).

For those of you who’ve bought the Bicycle Wine Rack or have it on your wish list, here’s a handy installation video.

Some more information on the Bicycle Wine Rack:

  1. Fit The strap is designed to be snug so that when it stretches, it will be the right size and not too loose. The first couple times you put a wine bottle in it it will feel a little snug and the first couple of times you connect and disconnect it from the metal post it will feel a little snug.
  2. Leather Don’t be afraid to rub down the rack with olive oil once a year to keep the leather slightly moist. The material is a vegetable tanned leather that will change in colour and feel depending on how often you use it. It will darken with sunlight significantly.
  3. Clamp The clamping system is meant to be snug enough to keep the leather from moving around. It’s not invisible so don’t tighten the clamp harder than you need to.

FairRide – Find a bike and take it home

Here’s a clever social media marketing idea for you…

Virgin Mobile have launched Australia’s largest ever treasure hunt FairRide and they’re giving away 75 bikes each day across Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth).

All you have to do is LIKE the bike you’d like via Facebook then go back on the day to get clues as to its whereabouts.

The campaign kicked off this week with the first set of bikes already found. We’ve LIKED a couple of Papillionaire bikes – hope they’re turning up near us!

Who wouldn’t want a new bike for Christmas?

Bicycle Wine Rack by Oopsmark

We’ve got just the thing for your bike this party season!

If you like wine and you like biking, you’re going to love our new Bicycle Wine Rack. The handmade leather bicycle wine rack is perfect for taking wine with you on the go. It easily attaches to any 1? bike frame with antique brass fasteners, while the hidden clamps hold the bottle securely. The olive oil-treated vegetable-tanned leather will only look better as it ages.

The Bicycle Wine Rack is in store now for $29. Something for the Christmas stocking, perhaps?

Here’s a great video showing off the Bicycle Wine Rack in its home town, Montreal.

Ally Capellino on a bike

We are very excited to know that Carradice have collaborated with Ally Capellino to produce a line of bags specifically for bike commuters.

We are big fans of the high quality British workmanship embodied in Carradice’s and Ally Capellino‘s products (we use a Timothy for weekend trips away). The new range is like dream-bag-squared!

If you can’t wait for the new bags to arrive in store (slated for Northern Hemisphere Spring 2012) then some of Ally Capellino‘s current range is suitable for bike riding. Here’s a video showing Frank on a bike.

#2 from FOTT on Vimeo.