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Bikerax MiniRax One Bike Wooden Bike Rack

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Bikerax are wooden bike racks for the design conscious. The Bikerax should be on display along with your most prize possessions, your bikes!

Bikerax are designed for indoor use, or outside use in a dry protected position.  It's perfect for an apartment or balcony with some overhead cover. Suitable for bike riders who like to keep their bikes inside, those riders that don’t have garages, who are tired of leaning their bikes against the wall, or stacked in the hallway marking the entrance with the handle bars.

Bikerax are designed to look like a beautiful piece of furniture, not a clunky piece of garage equipment. The compact design means it is lightweight for posting or transporting to your next cycling event, and can squeeze into the smallest of spaces.

The MiniRax fits one bike. Bikerax fit all wheel circumferences, accommodating a road bike through to the Mountain Biking 29’er. Accommodates up to 1 Kid/BMX Converter Kit which can be added to hold smaller bikes. 

Assembly is super-easy and no screws or glue are required. There are just four pieces to fit together and you''ll have a strong, sturdy and beautiful bike rack in less than a minute!

Bikerax are designed and created by Melburnians who love bikes and bike riding and produced in Melbourne using sustainable marine grade plywood timber. The product is strong and is built to last.


Product Details

Plywood offers offers several environmental advantages over the alternative metal materials commonly used in most bike storage systems.

– Wood is a renewable resource;

– Wood products store carbon dioxide;

– Comparatively, the manufacturing of wood products requires smaller amounts of energy;

– A beautiful material, preferred because of its warmth and natural grain patterns;

– Unique cross-layered structure makes it kilo for kilo stronger than steel; and

-Long-lasting and good resistance to damage.

Bikerax use all PAA T&G plywood which is manufactured to AS/NSS2269 “structural plywood”, and is stamped with the PAA JAS-ANZ ‘Tested Structural quality control stamp.

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