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Finn Universal Smartphone Mount for Bikes

$ 29.95

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With Finn you can safely and easily mount your smartphone to any handlebar. Thanks to its simple design and high-quality silicone material, the mount withstands whatever you throw at it.

Finn fits every smartphone (even in its case), every bike handlebar and fits into your pocket when you’re off your bike.

3 steps to install and remove:

  • Put Finn onto the handlebar and pull the smaller end through the slit.
  • Now hold it while pulling the large end under the handlebar and towards you.
  • Stretch the straps and pull them over the corners of your smartphone.

Keep your phone within easy reach for using your GPS or map, listening to music safely, and being near assistance in case of an accident. Simply unwrap the Finn after your ride and tuck it in your pocket!

The smartphone mount is elastic and very effective – it can be stretched up 400% longer.

Designed and made in Austria.

The item ships for FREE due to its lightweight nature.

Product Details

  • Fits every smartphone and handlebar
  • Made of high quality, weather resistant silicone.
  • Easy 3 step installation and removal. Takes only seconds to install.
  • Perfect for bike commuters and bike share cyclists.
  • Easily attaches to other similar constructions…strollers, shopping carts, and more!
  • Size 1.5 x 0.3 x 6.7 inches
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