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Kinga Handlebar Bag – Sky Stripes

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$ 59.95

The Kinga is a bike purse that hangs from your handlebars so that you can easily store your stuff while riding. Then, when you reach your destination, it converts into a crossbody bag to carry with you throughout your day. It fits all handlebar styles!

The Kinga handlebar bag is made with vegan, weatherproof fabrics to keep your things dry in the rain, lots of pockets sized to fit your devices, and reflective details for extra visibility at night.


Product Details

  • W 22.8cm x H 13.3cm x D8.89cm
  • To attach to bicycle, wrap each strap over handlebars and under clip.
  • Use pocket to store shoulder strap while riding.
  • Four pockets: one interior zippered change pocket and three gathered pockets.
  • Reflective details for extra visibility at night.
  • Adjustable, soft shoulder strap that won’t snag clothing or scratch skin.
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