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Skirt garter

$ 14.95

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You don’t have to give up style when you ride your bike.

A skirt garter is an elastic band that fits around your leg and clips to your skirt to keep it from flying up when you ride. The band has a silicon backing to keep it in place, and the clip is metal with plastic teeth to protect any delicate fabric of your skirt or dress.

No longer will you live in fear of a strong gust of wind, have to wear bulky shorts under your skirt, or tote around a change of clothes. All you need is one little garter (two if you’re extra modest).

All garters are hand-dyed so colour may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.

The skirt garters ship for free due to their lightweight nature, just enter the discount code GARTER at checkout.

You can read an independent review of the skirt garter in Bicycle Victoria’s Ride On magazine here.

Product Details

To determine your size, measure around your thigh about 7cm/3 inches above your knee.

38cm /15” and under = small

38cm – 43cm / 15”–17” = medium

43cm / 17” and over = large

If you’re on the border, we suggest sizing down – they stretch, after all.

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