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Tandem NY Skirtweight

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The Skirtweight is a small metal accessory that simply clips on to the hemline of your skirt to keep it from flying up while you’re riding.

Skirtweights can also be clipped to your blouse from billowing out, take the cuffs of your pants out of the chain and hold still other things you don’t want flying about.

The Skirtweight isn’t just for cycling! Other practical uses include:

• Tames your flowy skirt at breezy parties, walking down gusty streets, waiting on windy train/tram platforms or riding your scooter;
• Holds together scarves, wraps & beach sarongs;
• Use it as a picnic rug or outdoor tablecloth weight;
• Use it as a bookmark;
• Holds up/back the brim of your floppy hat while you’re gardening; and
• Keeps handbag straps together to prevent slipping while biking or walking.

Carrying a Tandem NY Skirtweight in your handbag or suitcase is a cinch for being at the ready for biking in style and comfort wherever you go. With a Skirtweight you can ride your bike, wearing what you like!

Watch an independent video review and read an independent review here.

Ships for free due to its lightweight nature.

Product Details


– small metal clip for holding down skirts, blouses, trouser cuffs, scarves, bags

– multiple uses


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