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Giveaway! Kids Wicker Basket on Veggie Mama

One of our favourite magazines is Peppermint, a green fashion and lifestyle magazine celebrating eco and ethical style with a fun, fresh, intelligent and positive spin.

Imagine our delight when a recent issue featured a chic cyclist on the cover. Not just any cyclist, but a blooming, pregnant Stacey from the wonderful vegetarian/craft/general loveliness blog Veggie Mama

Over at Veggie Mama this week we are giving away a Kids Wicker Basket. The baskets are made from treated wicker by workers in Poland and are cute as a button. Plus they slip on and off the handlebars easily which means that when your little one arrives at their destination they can carry their own gear – whether it be their lunchbox, their book or their ball.

Feel free to enter the competition but do make sure you sit down with a cup of tea and take some time to dip into the wonderful world of Veggie Mama.



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