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Indoor Bike Shelf by Cyclehoops

 Bikeshelf by Cyclehoop
Bikeshelf by Cyclehoop
Cyclehoop are the award winning London-based designers of cycle parking solutions. You might have heard of them from their world famous CyclehoopsCar Bike Ports or Public Bike pumps that are on the streets of London. (There is also a public bike pump on the streets of Sydney!)
Bikeshelf by Cyclehoop
They have just released a new indoor Bikeshelf in time for Christmas. The Bikeshelf allows you to store your bicycle and cycling gear in one convenient location. Integrated hooks and shelves keep your locks, tools, keys, lights, gloves, helmet and bags tidy. A locking hole allows the bicycle to be locked to the Bikeshelf
Bikeshelf by Cyclehoop
Cyclehoop are taking preorders for the Bikeshelf now and they deliver internationally. 


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