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LEKKER Double Dutch bike – test ride review

We asked one of our favourite stylish cyclists Marianne from Esme and the Laneway to take a LEKKER Double Dutch bike for a test ride and to give an independent review.

Here are her thoughts… enjoy!

– how does it fit?

This style of bike has a really secure feeling fit. The handle bars weren’t too far away so I could sit up very straight, which makes for a very serene, enjoyable riding style! I did find it quite a large frame, though, and wouldn’t want to be much shorter for this particular size (26″ inch wheels).

– riding position comfortable?

Very! Sitting up so straight feels fantastic. It actually feels like you are sitting in an armchair, and the seat is very padded and soft. I felt I had a good presence on the road, too, as cars would be able to see me easily. 

– wheels? tyres?

They look great! They fit the style of the bike really well. The bike is really good looking – so distinct and vintage-like! It got lots of oohs and aahs.

– how smooth a bike feels, how quickly it responds to accelerations, and how smoothly and crisply it shifts?

Incredibly smooth. It responds really quickly to faster pedaling, too – great for slight, short hills!

– how well the bike absorbs shock and vibration from the road? 

This bike was almost surreally smooth and comfortable, even on cobblestones. Possibly the most comfortable/smooth bike I have ever ridden; the shock absorption is amazing. And I thought my everyday bike was comfortable..! I felt like I was floating.

– how quickly it responds when you jump out of the saddle and also when climbing hills?

I had to put in a little more work going up hill but the bike responded very quickly. I do like to stop completely before jumping out of the saddle, but the bike felt very secure and stable, so I think if this was my daily bike I’d be leaping out pretty quickly and easily before long!

– how stable the bike rides while descending at fast speeds?

The riding position feels very safe, so hills weren’t scary at all as I felt really secure. I like that this bike has both front and back brakes as this is what I am used to, and they stopped me safely without being too abrupt, which is good!

– whether the bikes will corner effortlessly?

I did find turning corners a bit harder on this style initially, as I am used to a smaller frame and narrower handlebars. My hands and knees met the first few times when I turned! I did get used to it quite quickly though. Tight bends might take some more practice, but this feels like such a cruise-y bike that you wouldn’t want to snap around corners too quickly.

I think frame size is very important with this style of bike (even more so than with other styles) as the handle bars get very close too your knees when turning – so longer legs would need to be further away from the handle bars and need the next frame size up.

Overall, I loved riding this bike – it looks great and is a great ride, too!

Next week we’ll be posting the results of the test ride of the LEKKER Dutch Courier Ladies bike. 

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