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Bird Industries, logo

Out of 2010's Most Bike-Friendly City in America, Minneapolis, Minnesota, come some of the most innovative and stylish bike products.

Bird Industries, stylish cycle accessories

Amanda Stolle has a graphic design background and her company Bird Industries is dedicated to keeping you looking good with minimal effort. She has developed three unique products - the skirt garter, hooded scarf and utilibelt. No need to wear bulky shorts under skirts or toting around a change of clothes when you're biking around town. Don't worry about exposing too much — the skirt garters have got you covered. Wear the skirt you want and fear not that a gust of wind will challenge your modesty. Slip it, clip it and go.

With the hooded scarf, turn whatever you're wearing into an instant hoodie, and ward off the inevitable hat-head. On or off your bike, this light-weight wool blend keeps you warm without the bulk.

Sometimes you just want to jump on your bike and go. You don't want to bring your big, unwieldy messenger bag or backpack. You don't want to sling a purse over your handlebar, or try to shove everything in your pockets. Just grab the necessities, plus your Utilibelt, and GO.

CycleStyle is the exclusive retailer of Bird Industries in Australia.

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