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Batman Helmet


Nahnah nahnah nahnah nanhnan BATMAN…… The world has always been in love with that crime fighting hero Batman, he keeps our cities safe and catches the baddies. Now its time to wear your batman helmet with pride as you swiftly ride the footpaths and streets, saving the day.

We are super proud to release this Australia only Warner Brothers Licensed helmet in true Kiddimoto style and quality.

These children’s cycle helmets bring style and safety together and you can use them for cycling, skating or on the scooter!

The vents in the helmet keep you cool whilst you’re whizzing along and the pads give a comfortable personal fit to your head.

Helmets comply with AUS/NZ safety standard.

For sizing measure about 2-3 cm above the eyebrow around the circumference of the head, you will get a measurement that should fit into our sizing of:

*Small 48cm to 52cm

*Medium 52cm to 58cm

* Our tip: Take the measurement 3 times to make sure you have the correct numbers.

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