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Carton Cage Bike Bottle Holder

The Carton Cage was born out of one simple realisation: there’s no easy and simple way to carry a drinks carton on a bike.

Cyclists have been missing out on being able to drink their favourite carton of juice, smoothie or milkshake on the go! Until now…

The Carton Cage is made from CNC formed steel wire and holds a 1 litre drinks carton. Depending on the diameter of your drink bottle it will still fit standard round-based bottles – maybe even a bottle of wine!

It is easily fixed to your bike using your existing standard bottle braze-ons. Where these aren’t available, a clamp can be used to hold the piece in place.

We’re pretty sure the original Carton Cage is the only square bottle cage in the world and makes a unique cycling gift. It is designed in Sheffield (a traditional steel city) and made in England.

Currently available in three colours: jet black, aluminium grey and pastel blue.

Dimensions: 122mm x 83mm x 83mm

CycleStyle are the exclusive retailers of the Carton Cage in Australia.