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Kid’s Reflective Angel Wings Cape

This cute Angel cape has wings at the back and will be the dream high-visibility piece for any girl or boy pretending to fly across the rooftops. Suitable for cycling, walking or running around in the dark. Fits 1-4 years.

  • Durable quality
  • Reflective material for exceptional visibility
  • Wind, oil and waterproof
  • Suitable if wearing a backpack
  • Fits easily over a jacket or top
  • Adjustable press buttons
  • The material is made by Schoeller Textiles and is reflective in the dark up to 100 metres due to millions of minuscule glass spheres
  • Composition 18% PU-Polyurethan, 31% PA-Polyamide, 51% GF-glass fibre
  • Meets standard for US Customs, for “Water Resistance”, AATCC rainwear
  • Hand-embossed logo
  • Practical packaging with reflective armband
  • Made in England

“Spark kids’ imaginations and keep them safe with these magical capes for scootering and biking.” – VOGUE “Give a child a scooter and they’ll be the fastest thing on earth. Keep track with a chic reflective jacket.” – TATLER MAGAZINE

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$ 99.95