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Polkadot Panniers

Decorate your bike with these red and white polkadot panniers from Dutch design company Kitsch Kitchen.

These cheerful polkadot bags are made from practical and durable Mexican oilcloth and will be sure to brighten your day.

The panniers are mounted onto a back rack – there are 4 straps on the underside of the panniers so you thread the straps through each corner of your back rack to secure. That means the straps can loop around rack of any width and any length and they don’t loosen until you want them to.

There is also another velcro attachment on the back of each pannier – you can secure the bag to the vertical bar of your back rack so it doesn’t knock against your bike and the wheels.

Watch this video to see how the panniers attach to your back rack and carry your belongings.

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